Record #15


Neil Young

Released – 1st February 1972

Label – Reprise Records

Track listing

Side 1

1. Out on the Weekend

2. Harvest

3. A Man Needs A Maid

4. Heart of Gold

5. Are You Ready for the Country

Side 2

1. Old Man

2. Theres a World

3. Alabama

4. The Needle and the Damage Done

5. Words


“Harvest” was the first Neil Young record i added my collection mainly due to it being the album i knew most about of his discography. My copy cost £8 from eBay and include the original inner sleeve and insert.

“Harvest” is the fourth studio album by Neil Young and was released in early 1972. Following the amicable break up of “Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young” in 1970, Neil Young recruited a group of musicians to begin work on new material for his new album. Some tracks that appear on the record had already been penned and even already performed by Young including “The Needle and the Damage Done” which Young performed on The Johnny Cash Show in 1971. This song was to become one of the lead tracks from the album.

20170508_193028The inside of the gatefold of “Harvest”

Many of the tracks, particularly those on electric guitar, were recorded at Young’s ranch home and a number of tracks included guest appearances from artists including James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills. The record was produced by Young himself along with Elliot Mazer and Jack Nitzsche.

“Harvest” received critical acclaim in many countries upon its release and spawned two hit singles for Young. These were “Old Man” and “Heart of Gold” which reached number one on the US Billboard Chart.  There were a few critics who responded to this album as a copy of his earlier album ” After the Goldrush” which is a fantastic record, but in my opinion Young’s songwriting became much more tighter on this album. He became bolder and a bit more experimental with his lyrics. “Harvest” appears in many critics lists of top albums

20170508_193107“Harvest” pressed by Reprise Records

So why should you own this record?

In fairness, you should be aiming to own the majority of Neil Young’s albums however this record is a great starting place. In my opinion, this album has some of his strongest songs on it. It can also be bought for a decent price both brand new and second hand. You wont go wrong with this record!

15 Harvest


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