Record #13

Parallel Lines


Released – September 1978

Label – Chrysalis Records

Track listing

Side 1

1. Hanging on the Telephone

2. One Way or Another

3. Picture This

4. Fade Away and Radiate

5. Pretty Baby

6. I Know but i Don’t Know

Side 2

1. 11:59

2.Will Anything Happen

3.Sunday Girl

4. Heart of Glass

5. Im Gonna Love You Too

6.Just Go Away


“Parallel Lines” was one of the first records i added to my collection in 2012. Bought from eBay for around £5 which is a bargain for such a great record!

“Parallel Lines was the third studio album released by american band “Blondie” and became the bands breakthrough album topping the UK and US album charts and becoming an instant hit for Deborah Harry and the band.

Following moderate success with the second studio album “Plastic Letters”  Blondie parted company with producer Richard Gotteher and, after encountering him on a recent tour of USA, appointed Mike Chapman to work on their third record. Recording began in June 1978 at the Record Plant in New York City where the band laid down rough cuts of tracks including “Heart of Glass” and “Sunday Girl” both of which Chapman was very impressed by. Recording sessions didnt go smoothly due to the bands constant arguing and animosity towards each other, however the album was completed in six weeks.

20170501_112734The inner sleeve featuring the black and white theme of the album

The record features a number of guest appearances from other artists including “King Crimson’s” Robert Fripp playing guitar on “Fade Away” and “Radiate”. The albums name came from an unused track that Debbie Harry had written for the bands previous record. The name “Parallel Lines” didnt go down well with the majority of the band but was chosen anyway.

The cover art was photographed by Edo Bertoglio and chosen by the bands manager Peter Leeds. The image shows the posing in matching suits and Debbie Harry stood with hands on hips in a white dress and high heels.

20170501_112707Parallel Lines on Chrysalis Records

The record became an instant international success upon release and gained hit reviews from the music press. The album featured on Rolling Stones Top 500 greatest albums ever list at number 140 and is regarded as Blondie’s best album, which i definitely agree with.

So why should you own this record?

This is the best of Blondie’s studio albums to buy for your collection mainly as it contains a lot of the bands best known hits. However, this record is where New Wave began to breakthrough and get noticed by a wider audience. Its a record that has a great amount of depth and should be nestled in your collection.

13 Blondie


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