Record #11

The La’s

The La’s

Released – October 1st 1990

Label – Polydor / Go Discs

Track listing

Side 1

1. Son of a Gun

2. I Cant Sleep

3. Timeless Melody

4. Liberty Ship

5. There She Goes

6. Doledrum

Side 2

1. Feelin’

2. Way Out

3. I.O.U

4. Freedom Song

5. Failure

6. Looking Glass

20170420_083503An original pressing of this record is difficult to find, particularly in good condition, so i was over the moon to get my OG copy from eBay last year. I paid £28 for it and its in excellent condition!

The La’s were an english indie rock band from Liverpool active until the early 1990s. They only released one studio album and this was it, “The La’s”. The band were fronted by Lee Mavers and John Power (who went on to form Liverpool band “Cast”).

The record “The La’s” was recorded in late 1989 to early 1990 at Eden Studios in London with producers Steve Lilywhite and Mark Wallis. Before these final recording sessions, the band had previously worked with a number of producers to home their sound. These producers included John Leckie who had produced The Stone Roses hit album “The Stone Roses”  and Radiohead’s “The Bends”.

20170420_085306The inner sleeve featuring photos of the band and instruments

Upon the albums release, fans and critics praised it. Mavers’s songwriting gained the album rave reviews (an rightly so)! The release of the record was predominantly a relief to the band as it followed three years in the studio however due to Maver’s high level of perfection the album disappointed him.

The album provided the band with their greatest hit and one of the best hits of the 1990s, “There She Goes”. The song has without a doubt inspired many an indie band since the albums release however none more bigger than Noel Gallagher admitting that this song and others off the album inspired his songwriting for the early “Oasis” tracks.

20170420_085330The La’s on the Go Discs Label

So why should you own this record?

This record is one of the most fun, exciting, singalong albums ever released for me. It laid the roots for bands like Oasis, Stereophonics and of course Cast, to write the hits that they would release. The album is completely timeless and if released today would battle any of the big artists releasing music. The record is full of hooks, and pop melodies that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face as you listen. Its such a shame that the band only made this one album but its one that should grace your collection! Particularly now that a recent fantastic repressing is out.

11 The Las


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