Record #1

Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd

Released – March 1st 1973

Label – Harvest Records

Track listing

Side 1

1. Speak to Me

2. Breathe

3. One The Run

4. Time

5. The Great Gig in the Sky

Side 2


2.Us and Them

3.Any Colour You Like

4. Brain Damage

5. Eclipse

Dark Side of the Moon was the first record i bought when i started collecting records in 2012. For me, it was a visual thing. I had to get my hands on that record sleeve! But once the needle dropped on that record i understood why it is regarded as such an important piece of musical history.

I bought my copy on Ebay in 2012 and it cost £12.

20170321_171400Matrix Numbers SHVL804 A & SHVL 804 B (UK 2nd Pressing)

Following a string of less commercially successful records and of course the departure of psychedelic leader Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd hit the big time with the 1973 release of Dark Side of the Moon. Little did the band know that this record was to change the face of music forever. This record changed the way people experienced music. Dark Side of the Moon tackles themes of greed, conflict, mortality and politics throughout this 44 minute masterpiece. It was recorded between May 1972 and January 1973 at London’s Abbey Road Studios before being played in full live to a collection of press shortly before its release.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time and nearly always included in critics top 10 lists, you can’t help but feel this was Pink Floyd stood at the door of the last chance saloon. Their records before had little commercial impact on the music industry up until the release of this singular extended piece of avant garde brilliance.

20170321_170758Inside the gatefold sleeve of Dark Side of the Moon

The record was released as a gatefold LP sleeve designed by Hipgnosis, who had previously designed some of the bands other album sleeves with controversial results, led by lead designer Storm Thorgerson. The final artwork was conceptualised by Hipgnosis associate George Hardie resulting in the design depicting a glass prism dispersing light and colour. It is now the most recognisable album artwork ever. Within the record sleeve were two posters and two pyramid shaped stickers.

20170321_171508My copy of Dark Side of the Moon includes just the one poster.

So why should you own a copy of this record?

Well, its storytelling at its very best. And probably the best conceptual piece of sleeve artwork you will ever have in your collection. The band, and in particular, principal song writers David Gilmour and Roger Waters have gone on to influence generations with their tales of hardship and woe on this record. It is worth noting that they also credited Syd Barrett with aiding them on the penning of the lyrics on this LP due to his psychedelic influence on previous releases on their previous Pink Floyd incarnation. The influence this album has had on modern generations can be seen in the amount of times tracks from this record have been musically covered.

Since its release it has amassed sales of 45 million copies worldwide and retained a spot in the Billboard Top LP’s chart for 741 weeks. It is without question, Pink Floyds most commercially successful record ever and set the precedent for their future albums some of which may feature on here in the future. 1 Logo DSOTM


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